Design S 2016

Design S – Swedish Design Awards is Sweden’s biggest and most comprehensive design award, backed by the entire design industry. The award is aimed at professional designers, architects, individual specialists, producers and companies that work with design in a broad sense.

This year is the eleventh annual presentation of the award. Design S – Swedish Design Awards works in partnership with several industry organisations that together with Svensk Form and jury chair Lisa Lindström select the jury and contribute to the award’s enormous span within all disciplines of design.

Svensk Form have managed design awards for many years. Design S started in 2006, previously under the name Utmärkt Svensk Form between 1983–2002. Design competitions serve many purposes: they form a concrete starting point for discussions on design and innovation, and also serve as inspiration for the industry and public decision makers to use design for increased growth, competitiveness and well-being. It is a good way to showcase Sweden’s advanced position in the area to the world, and internally it is a well-deserved boost of encouragement for the awarded companies.

Design S – Swedish Design Awards 2018 is presented by Svensk Form in partnership with:
Svenska Fönster (main sponsor), Svenskt Aluminium,, Design Region Sweden, SVID, Konsthantverkscentrum, The Association of Swedish Illustrators and Graphic Designers, Architects Sweden, The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry

Design S and Svensk Form’s other award Ung Svensk Form together form Swedish Design Awards.

Entries are now being accepted for Design S – Swedish Design Awards 2018.

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