Jury panel 2018


The jury panel is led by Lisa Lindström, founder and CEO of design agency Doberman.

Lisa Lindström has been chairman of the Design S jury since the autumn of 2015. Lisa is founder and owner of design agency Doberman and has twenty years of experience in digitalisation projects. Lisa is passionate about service design, and demo environments where new innovations are tested.

– Design is a vital force for change and creates value on all levels – it is therefore as important as it is exciting to open submissions today for this year’s Design S. The entire jury and I look forward to being both challenged and surprised by the entries that come in. Design changes the world! says Lisa Lindström, Chairman of the Jury, Design S – Swedish Design Awards.

Complete list of jurors 2018 (alphabetical order)
Anders Lindgren – Handicrafts & Crafts
Anders Ljungberg – Handicrafts & Crafts
Anna Kamjou Reuterswärd – Service design
Andreas Zätterqvist – Lauritz Konsthantverkspris
Annika Shelly – Aluminiumpriset
Anton Gårdsäter – Graphic design
Arina Stoenescu – Graphic design

Björn Dahlström – Industrial design & product design, B2B & B2C
Bo Madestrand – Furniture

Cajsa Lundberg – Aluminiumpriset
Chandra Ahlsell – Lighting
Christer Ericson – Sustainable development

Dag Holmgren – Aluminiumpriset
David Carlson – Furniture

Elias Högberg – Fashion & Accessories
Emma Ohlson – Fashion & Accessories

Fredrik Magnusson – Digital products & services
Fredrik Marcus – Digital products & services

Greta Colloca – Graphic design

Hanna Dalrot – Textiles
Hans Frisk – Aluminiumpriset

Johanna Munck af Rosenschöld – Interior design & Furniture

Kaj Abbestam – Sustainable development
Karin Bodin – Industrial design & product design, B2B & B2C
Karolina Keyzer – Architecture
Katarina Wetter Edman – Service design
Kristina Schultz – Handicrafts & Crafts

Lena Anderson – Interior design
Lena Patriksson Keller – Fashion & Accessories
Lydia Kellam – Digital products & services

Magnus Sandebree  – Service design
Maj Sandell – Handicrafts & Crafts
Malin Zimm – Architecture
Maria Benktzon – Industrial design & product design, B2B & B2C
Mark Isitt – Architecture
Martin Frostner – Graphic design
Martin Willers – Industrial design & product design, B2B & B2C
Mattias Ståhlbom – Lightning
Mette Røde Sundstrøm – Lauritz Konsthantverkspris
Mona Wärdell – Sustainable development

Petronella Lunde – Aluminiumpriset
Philip Warkander – Fashion & Accessories

Rebecca Ahlstedt – Interior design
Robert Janson – Architecture

Sara Tunheden – Service design
Sophie Hardy – Interior design & Furniture
Stina Juhlin – Sustainable development

Thommy Bindefeldt – Textiles
Tom Hedqvist – Textiles
Tove Blomgren – Digital products & services

Ulrika Mårtensson – Textiles
Ulrika Ruding – Lauritz Konsthantverkspris

Viktor Martinsson – Lightning

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