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Svenska Fönster are one of Sweden’s leading window manufacturers and have a long tradition of quality windows on the Swedish market. Svenska Fönster always work with focus on the design process, as well as with ensuring that production and products meet the highest possible ethical and environmental standards.

As window manufacturers, we often talk about how we can raise our knowledge of building and designing with light, as light counteracts depression and increases productivity. As people today are spending approximately 90% of their time indoors, it is important to work light into architecture. It is an art form to unite the healing and stimulating power of light indoors with the enhancement of a building’s character.

Svenska Fönster are not only our main sponsor, but are also behind the award Svensk Fönsterpriset, a special category where architects who work specifically with light are awarded. The winner will receive an S along with a cheque for SEK 50,000.


Svenskt Aluminium is a national association whose members are companies for which aluminium is a strategic material. Their vision is to develop the use of aluminium and that aluminium is seen as a natural choice of material with regards to security, economy, design and a sustainable society. Svenskt Aluminium are behind the award Aluminiumpriset, where the winner will receive an S along with a cheque for SEK 10,000.

Supporting the prize are the following organisations within Svenskt Aluminium: Sapa Group, Hydro Aluminium Sverige AB, Profilgruppen, Kubal, Stena Aluminium AB, Mäkäle ALU, European Aluminium.

Partner is Scandinavia’s largest auction house and was the first traditional auction house in the world to convert to pure online auctions.’s vision is to democratise the auction industry internationally by making it more accessible, and to inspire everyone to buy and sell at auction. are behind the award Lauritz Konsthantverkspris, where the winner will receive an S and a cheque for SEK 20,000.

ASFB – Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, BNJ & Co, Design Region Sweden, Konsthantverkscentrum, SVID, the Association of Swedish Illustrators and Graphic Designers, TMF (The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry)

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