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Svenska Fönster is one of Sweden’s leading window manufacturers with two strong brands, SP Fönster and Traryd Fönster. The history of the company is characterised by fierce drive and an entrepreneurial spirit. The company is owned by VKR Holding, which was built up by its founder Villum Kann Rasmussen into one of Denmark’s most successful groups within the construction industry. We manufacture premium windows that meet high standards for energy efficiency, environmental awareness, technology and design. All our products are manufactured in Sweden.

The Svenska Fönster-award is a category within the Design S competition that rewards architecture where light has a major role. The winner is awarded an S, and 50 000 SEK.

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Special thanks to the participants of the Aluminium category:
Sapa Group, Hydro Aluminium Sverige AB, Profilgruppen, Kubal, Stena Aluminium AB, Mäkäle ALU, European Aluminium.