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About Svensk Form

Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) is a not-for-profit membership association mandated by the Swedish government to promote Swedish design at home and abroad.

Svensk Form’s goal is to demonstrate the benefits of good design to social development, to stimulate the development of design in Sweden, to increase respect for the value of design work and to expand and deepen attitudes towards issues of form and design.

Svensk Form functions as a knowledge platform, intermediary, and advocate for the design field in Sweden. We work with a broad definition of design that includes the design of products, services and environments, and ranges from crafts to industrial design. Lobbying decision makers is yet another means of strengthening the role of design in society.

Our members have the opportunity to participate in the latest design developments via Form Magazine, regular newsletters and a lively website, as well as with a programme of activities in Stockholm and throughout Sweden. The contents of all these activities are directed equally at both the general public and design professionals.

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