Honorary Mentions

Three nominees with high quality and unusual properties.



Client Mikkeller (DK)
Design Bedow
Jury statement

The Spring Ale brand of beer is communicated by a snowflake transforming into a sun with the help of heat-sensitive ink. A splendid union of concept, technology and craft. A pared-down graphic solution which is very heartwarming. Mikkeller+Bedow are therefore the recipients of the jury’s special award “Årets grafiska glädjeämne” (Graphic delight of the year).


Peepoople Design Profile

Client Peepoople
Design Anders Wilhelmsson
Co designer Maria Berndtsson / Felix How

Jury statement
Peepoople’s potential leaves no one unmoved. The inspiring basic concept of creating at the individual level a value from human excrement imbues hope of future fulfilment on a global scale. But no product can alone solve a global problem of such magnitude. Therefore the company’s ambition to refine and further develop the concept with practical support solutions is worth every encouragement. Peepoople is therefore the recipient of a special award for design for global health.



Client ComfortZone
Design Johan Dahlberg / Siri Johansson /
Julia Treutiger / Myra Industriell Design

Jury statement
With an easily accessible, intuitive interface the display invites the user to have a conversation. The visual scale signals pared-down technology and inspires a desire to purchase. Design with added values for a broad consumer group, without shouting loudly.

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