Of this year’s 35 nominees, the jury rewarded the following ten design solutions with Design S.

Bolon Create

Uppdragsgivare/Client Bolon

Design Marie Eklund

Jury statement

Rugged plastic flooring with a fascinating three-dimensional look and base material in vinyl using recyclable raw materials with the highest possible wear resistance. Gliding, shifting patterns depending on how the light falls or where in the room you are standing. Very much alive, this floor is worth a starring role.


Braille Box

Uppdragsgivare/Client Index Braille
Designleverantör/Design Supplier SKAPA
Design Jens Kallin / Max David Eriksson

Jury statement

How should a Braille printer be experienced? Braille Box is a masterpiece of industrial design, beautiful to feel, hear and look at. A wholly consistent answer to a difficult design challenge, which with obviousness and elegance creates both user experience and export successes.


Delta 26 Open

Uppdragsgivare/Client Delta Power Boats
Design Ted Mannerfelt / Mannerfelt Design Team

Jury statement

Even in the world of boating the Delta 26 stands out with its space-saving charm. From stem to stern, it exudes a maritime identity of classic seaworthiness combined with futurism and elegance. Vigorous down to the smallest detail.



Uppdragsgivare/Client Creative Entrepreneur Solutions (NA)
Design August Michael / Elisabeth Ramel-Wåhrberg / Håkan Bergkvist / Mårten Andrén / Stefan Strandberg / Jonas Dolk / Ergonomidesign

Jury statement

A stove innovation which with an ingenious wood feeding system and high energy efficiency can make it easier to cook food over an open flame around the world. Major health benefits at a low production cost saves lives and the environment.



Uppdragsgivare/Client Kasthall
Design Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg

Jury statement
With its kaleidoscopic pattern and a three-dimensional textile experience, Herbarium creates the impression of a poem in the form of a floor rug. With a personal feel, a pattern is created on the floor with the same self-evident presence in a fine salon as the best tapestry. A pattern which can withstand being looked at for a long time and, like a pressed flower or classic haute couture, survives season after season. 



Uppdragsgivare/Client Hay (DK)
Design Clara von Zweigbergk

Jury statement
A strict system with lively combination possibilities. Simple and ingenious with a clever production technique. This design with its purity of style is hugely attractive and will live for a long time 



Uppdragsgivare/Client Nola Industrier AB
Design Björn Dahlström

Jury statement

With an obvious economy of materials Kaskad fills a hole in the range of available seating furniture for outdoor use. The form is inviting and encompassing, and the seating comfort is high, with or without cushions. Here is an easy chair which asserts its presence without arresting the gaze. Equally self-evident as a solitary chair for lounging in the garden arbour or as an easily placed complement to an outdoor café.



Uppdragsgivare/Client Teenage Engineering
Design Teenage Engineering

Jury statement

One wants to press all the buttons and turn every control. A technological product which through a clever colour scheme and fantastic graphics is intuitive, easily accessible and incredibly inviting. Music and machine in one. 


Panthera X

Uppdragsgivare/Client Panthera
Design Leif Thies / Gestalt Industriell Design / Mikael Engblom /
2dD / Björn Alvtegen / Alvtegen Design / Jalle Jungnell / Panthera /
Per Mårtensson / Panthera

Jury statement

A user experience with a strong sense of freedom. Panthera offers delightfully easy propulsion and driving pleasure. An ultra-light seat/vehicle which truly frees its rider.


Verk, Fä, Frank och Havet

Uppdragsgivare/Client Snickeriet
Design Karl-Johan Hjerling / Karin Wallenbeck

Jury statement

An uncompromising and beautiful furniture range whose every component functions equally well on its own. A poetic choice of materials combined with craftsmanship and a personal care for details creates objects without the usual compromises of serial production. A range of art furniture which also calls into question the concepts of functionality, collection, weight and lightness.


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