For applicants

Who may apply?
Companies, individual professionals, artists, craftsmen, associations, institutions, etc. Your entry must in some way have a Swedish connection.  

Which dates must I not miss?  
See the competition calendar here. It is updated continuously.

What happens after I’ve submitted my entry? 
Our expert jury will review all submitted entries. If on Jury Day, your entry advances to deliberation, we will contact you for specific instructions.

Nominees will be announced through the channels of Svensk Form and Design S in the autumn of 2020. Nominees will also be offered the chance to participate in various Design S events through the year.

Winners and nominees will be published in the Design S catalogue as an integrated part of the magazine FORM, which hits the shelves in December 2020.

When will I know if I’ve been nominated?  
We will contact all nominees at the end of September or beginning of October. If you have not heard from us by 8 October 2020, your entry has not been nominated. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to each applicant personally.  

My entry 

My entry has been updated during the competition period, but was initially launched years ago.
Can I still apply? 
Yes, as long as the update is relevant and not solely a relaunch or part of the same project or series. 

My entry is due for release on the market in 2021 but has been completed and presented to financiers/ the industry/ for testing/ etc. Am I allowed to apply?  
Yes, everything from idea to prototype to completed and released product is accepted. Be especially clear about how you plan to develop your project during the competition period. 

Can I submit anything physical during the application period? 
No, you may only submit physical material if and when the jury ask for it, in which case you will be contacted by the project management team at the end of August. 

I’m unsure which category I should apply for, how do I find out?  
Read through the jury’s criteria and category description. You decide in the end to which category you want to submit your entry, but the project management are here to guide you if you feel unsure. You may also find guidance in the jury composition and nominated projects from previous years.   

You can easily submit your project to several categories. Each entry is regarded as an application: by submitting your entry to several categories, you will need to pay the administrative fee for each category. Please note that in rare cases, the jury may ask to move your entry to another category, in which case we will first ask for your approval. In such case, you will only compete in the new category, not both. 

If you are still unsure of your category, please contact the project management team.

More about the jury

Categories and assessment criteria

Application process

What is the cost of application?
We charge an administrative fee for application to finance administration, jury management, production and exposure. In order to make Design S accessible to all, we have two price levels based on sales: 

  • 600 SEK + VAT per submitted entry and category for companies and businesses or individual professionals with sales of under 1 million SEK. 20% discount applicable the first month.  
  • 2000 SEK + VAT per submitted entry and category for applicants with sales of over 1 million SEK. 20% discount applicable the first month.  

Do members of Svensk Form receive a discount? 
We have no special discount for members of Svensk Form. Instead, we have adjusted the application fee according to sales and offer a 20% early bird discount. 

Will I be issued a receipt of payment?  
Yes, along with your confirmation of submitted entry via email, you will get a receipt complete with VAT specification.  

I can’t seem to upload the application! What am I doing wrong?  

  • Double check the length of your text or number of attached files.  
  • Ensure that no spaces have snuck into any of the text boxes, as easily happens if you paste text in from another document, and also that your files are of the correct format (.jpg).
  • The server may be overloaded, please try again in a few minutes. You can always save your application and resume at any time.  

Please contact the project management if your problems uploading persist.

Why must my project presentation be limited in length?  
Material submitted on application forms the basis of the information we publish in print and digitally. As space is limited, we ask that all material submitted is as near publishable as possible in design and length, so that we can ensure we include what is most important to you. If your project is nominated and featured in the catalogue, we reserve the editorial right to edit a text and image to fit the space in the catalogue.  

Why do I need to submit high-resolution images?  
The images are used for print in the catalogue and all digital channels that talk about the award.  

My images were produced by a third party – what does that mean for you?
It is entirely your responsibility as entrant to guarantee that all rights for print and digital publishing are cleared in advance. We assume that all material we receive can be used in all channels through which we communicate the competition and the entries. We do not accept any additional permissions or rights, and no compensation for published content is paid out.  

Other terms & conditions