This year’s Design S includes 14 categories and three special awards. One project may be submitted for several categories. For each category, the jury pick four nominees and one winner. Drop down for more information about the categories. 

Judging Criteria

The jury judges on the basis of one or more of the following criteria which are relevant to the category:

Emotional and aesthetic quality
A key criterion in assessing. The contribution, regardless of limitations and the process, should create a unique and powerful experience, which affects the receiver. Assessment of design, workmanship and in entirety.

What was the problem and how does the design solution contribute to an improved function? Is there focus on user benefits? What technical and ergonomic solutions have been made?

Business Benefit / Profitability
How does the design solution for business benefit? Examples are increasing sales or market distribution, lower costs or development of an industry.

How well the design communicates the purpose? Examples: added value, strengthening of identity, moving the brand, conveying a message, shaping an opinion and engaging the desired target audience.

How does the design solution contribute to a sustainable development? Examples: through accessibility and environmental, social, economic and / or quality aspects.