Design S

Design S is Sweden’s national design award. Design S singles out creative and innovative solutions in every imaginable area of products, services and environments, regardless of the design field. The award has been presented every second years since 2006.

Design S rewards both designers and companies. All the nominees will be included in an touring exhibtion. 

Creativity and innovation
The jury evaluates the entries based on three questions: What were the principal problems? What was the solution? How did the design skills compare to the performance? The award rewards the creative and innovative solutions and is free of categories.

A picture of Swedish design
The aim of the Design S award is to provide a broad picture of contemporary Swedish design, to stimulate the development of design, to single out quality, and to broaden knowledge about good design. Well executed design adds value and can improve conditions for people, companies and organisations. The award is intended to inspire industry and public sector decision makers to use design to increase growth and competitiveness and to improve social welfare. Good design develops society in general.

An award with history
Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) is a not-for-profit membership organisation mandated by the Swedish government to promote Swedish Design at home and abroad. The society was founded in 1845 and has a presence thoughout Sweden. Svensk Form presented the Excellent Swedish Design Awards from 1983 to 2002.

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