Design S – Swedish Design Awards

Design S – Swedish Design Awards is Sweden’s biggest and most comprehensive design award. Design S highlights creative, sustainable and innovative solutions in all areas of products, services and environments.

Since 1983, when it began as Utmärkt Svensk Form, the award has celebrated courage and innovation in Swedish design.

In 2023, in celebration of its 40th anniversary, the award will be presented in Umeå on May 31. In addition, this year’s award features a new category – Design for Systemic Transformation – open to applicants throughout the EU.

Design S works in partnership with several industry organizations that together with Svensk Form and jury chair Lisa Lindström select the jury and contribute to the award’s enormous span within several disciplines of design.

Svensk Form has organized and presented national design awards for many years. The awards form a concrete starting point for discussions on design and innovation, and serve to inspire leaders in both the public and private sector to use design in achieving sustainable growth, competitiveness and well-being.

Design S 2023 partners

Design S – Swedish Design Awards 2023 is presented by Svensk Form together with Balticgruppen and Design by Umeå. The award is organized in collaboration with RISE, SVID and Umeå Institute of Design, with support by Polestar and Tarkett.

Main partners: Balticgruppen and Design by Umeå
Partners: SVID, RISE, Umeå Institute of Design
Partner/sponsor: Polestar and Tarkett

Design S 2023 team at Svensk Form

Managing Director: Mats Widbom
Project Manager: Niklas Arnegren
Communications: Elin Seittu
Head of Sales: Jan Östvold
Finance: Anneli Wardell
Project Assistant: Viktor Ärlemalm