Terms and conditions

Please read the below terms and conditions carefully. Our FAQ section also answers questions that may arise before and during the applications process. For further guidance with your application, you may refer to the award criteria

Terms and conditions

  • Competition entries are accepted until 23:59 on February 28, 2023, via Svensk Form’s digital entry form only. Physical objects are not accepted unless specifically requested by the jury later in the process. 

  • An administrative fee is charged per entry. The fee is calculated based on annual turnover (SEK 800 + VAT for companies with an annual turnover under SEK 1 million; SEK 2000 + VAT for those with an annual turnover over SEK 1 million). EU applicants in the category Design for Systemic Transformation are exempt from Swedish VAT but must provide a VAT number. An early bird discount of 20% applies through December 31, 2022.

  • Submission is binding and cannot be changed. The administrative fee is not refundable.

  • All nominated projects and winners will be presented on the Design S website, and as an integrated feature in the magazine FORM, which is published in both Swedish and English and distributed to more than 30 countries.

  • Of the submitted entries, the jury will select three nominees in each category. Of the three nominees, one will be chosen as the winner in each category. The competition reserves the right to nominate fewer than three entries if considered necessary by the jury and the Design S project group.
  • Submitted entries must have been presented, marketed and/or produced in 2021–2022, or be presented in some form in 2023. Updated productions released within this time frame are accepted, so long as the update is significant and not simply a relaunch of an earlier product/project in original design. The timeframe restriction does not apply to entries in the category Design for Systemic Transformation, which can be in development, currently ongoing or already completed.

  • Submitted entries must have a connection to Sweden, such as a Swedish designer, producer, manufacturer or client. This does not apply to the category Design for Systemic Transformation, which is open to applicants and projects from all EU countries.

  • When submitting your entry, it is important that all rights to your project are cleared (including third party copyright), that all information is correct and that each party involved, client and designer alike, agrees to participation. All the content attached to the submission must be cleared for print and publishing in all Svensk Form and Design S digital channels.

  • The entry must not be a copy, or originally designed by someone else.

  • By submitting an entry to Design S, you are responsible for ensuring that no part of the project contravenes the Marketing Act, or any other marketing law, the Advertising and Personal Data Act, intellectual property law, industry practice, code of conduct or any other applicable laws.

  • Svensk Form reserves the right to use and publish, without compensation, any image, film and text submitted to and included in Design S, including communication, publicity and promotional materials, exhibitions and video presentations, online content and printed catalogues in connection with the award.

  • The entrant is responsible for ensuring that there are no restrictions for the project(s) to be published in any media, in Sweden or abroad.

  • The entrant is responsible for ensing that all written information pertaining to the entry is correct, and that all names that are to be mentioned in this context are included, as this information will be printed in the catalogue for Design S.
  • Entries should include a brief project summary of max 200 characters, a longer description of max 1500 characters, and a maximum of seven images and/or films. Submitted images must be in high resolution. We do not accept any content other than what is possible to upload via the digital entry form. Physical objects are not accepted unless required by the jury in which case you will be contacted by our project manager.

  • At the request of the jury for closer examination, the entrant is responsible for the cost of transporting the product or project to and from Svensk Form’s offices in Stockholm within the stated dates. Svensk Form will not cover nor reimburse transport costs for any entries. Closer examination of any physical supplements will take place in March 2023. The entrant will be notified in advance but must be prepared to submit and retrieve the physical supplement within the set dates. 

  • It may happen that entries submitted for assessment have been made by a juror or other relative, or by a company where a juror is or was an employee, consultant, owner or board member during the year of production/launch. In the case of a family relation or any form of social or financial relation, the juror in question will not be entitled to vote. Each juror is required to report any conflict of interest and must leave the room when the entry/entries are being discussed.

  • For any questions regarding your submission, contact Design S project manager Niklas Arnegren at niklas.arnegren@svenskform.se