This year’s visual identity

This year’s identity for Design S – Swedish Design Awards has been created by the newly established Stockholm based design studio Bekele Nash Jandér & Co. As passionate and curious designers, BNJ took the opportunity in this year’s visual identity to shed some light on the production and creation of design.

With this year’s Design S – Swedish Design Awards, they had a wide variety of categories to explore.

“We stand for a holistic approach when it comes to design,” says Anders Jandér from BNJ, “That’s why we were so happy to work with Design S – Swedish Design Awards, and share a behind-the-scenes look into different forms of design. This ties nicely into last year’s concept, which was based on ideas and inspiration, whereas this year it’s all about production and creation.”

One challenge that BNJ soon faced was visualising the pro- duction process of digital products, as Michael Bekele from BNJ explains: “We tried filming screens filled wth code, and taking pictures of post-it notes, but it always felt like we were not getting the point across. Blowing glass, or forming clay with your hands is in a sense easier to understand.”

“But you know what? We soon realised that no matter what category, when it comes to good design, it always boils down to conversations and collaborations between people that share a common goal,” says Charlie Nash, adding, “That is how we like to work, and we were very glad to see that accomplished designers in other fields share that view.”