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Grip-Support’s design is developed together with medical expertise and enables people with hand and arm disabilities to grip and use a walker. The grip attaches to the walker’s handle in which the user simply lays their hand. Grip-Support then ensures he walker is safely used and steered. Grip-Support is available in different sizes for both right and left hands, and is easy to attach, detach and clean.


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AQS 510 Wind Finder

Wind measuring instrument for the wind power industry. Wind Finder collects data prior to installation of wind turbines in order to determine the suitability of an intended site.

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Brighter Actiste

A connected, integrated solution for insulin treated diabetics, which ena- bles and facilitates both treatment and monitoring of the disease. Users, their family and healthcare practitioners are all given a clear and identical picture of the treatment through automatic storage and sharing of data.

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ACX Power Ascender

Battery powered rope climber that facilitates work in vertical environ- ments by replacing traditional tools like aerial work platforms and scaffolding.

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