The pattern is a free interpretation of Josef Frank from the exhibition ”Ten Textile Talents” 2018. The artist has added plants to the base pattern, inspired by Indian Chintz fabric – hand painted or woodblock printed patterns that were exported to Europe three hundred years ago. The plants have been painted multiple times until the original is no longer recognisable, and mixed with existing patterns to create new plants. The pattern is repeated sideways and is made black and white, to study whether the playfulness of the full colour original still applies.


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Hand tufted wool rug, hand cut in a three-dimensional pattern inspired by traditional Swedish birch bark weaving.

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Kormatta Rättviks kyrka

Hand woven rug based on an abstract watercolour, woven using the ”rölakan” tapestry technique. The colour and design capture existing shades and architecture in the church hall. The rug is intended to add an artistic feature from our time, and last for many decades ahead.

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