Applied arts & crafts

Concurrently in the Underworld

Concurrently in the Underworld is part of the Fridlyst series. The work refers to a parallel universe where the under- world reflects our world and where footprints of our ancestors run alongside our own. It is a reflection and an optical illusion. Matilda Kästel seeks a place emancipated from the downsides of civilisation. Inspired by the untouched forests of Washington and Småland, in the mountains and the dark, Fridlyst explores the peace and power of nature.

Material: Glass and stainless steel




Skilfully, thinly carved wooden spoons designed for new contexts, such as gastronomy. New surface treatment methods were used in the meeting with traditional craftsmanship, for the purpose of raising curiosity about woodcarving as a craft.

Material: Wood


an archive of hand woven structures

Collection of hand-woven, sculptural textiles, as well as a study of the par- ticular waffle weaving technique, and how change of proportions and choice of materials affect weaving design.

Material: Wool


Möbelmässan 2014 – 2017

A series of recurring handmade jewel- lery and objects based on the annual Furniture Fair’s exhibition objects, trends, designs and colours. The series also serves to comment overconsumption, short-lived trends and the present.

Material: Mixed