Graphic design

Costume Change At The Opera

New logo for the Gothenburg Opera with the aim to make the opera more visible, accessible and digital. The Opera is situated by the sea, and the logo was conceived through a water experiment with the opera performers. The sound waves that musici- ans, singers and dancers achieved with instruments, voices and their bodies were captured through water in a speaker. The wave patterns are now part of the logo and brand identity. The logo is also in constant motion, to easily be translated to new digital and motion media.


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Fable Skateboards
Visuell identitet

A visual identity for a new skateboard brand with the aim to break the norm within the subculture and make it accessible for as many people as possible, and appealing to a new generation of skaters.

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”Helping small businesses succeed in a world of giants”

New brand identity for iZettle, which puts focus on the company’s users – small businesses. Based on the flexible Z symbol, which can be adapted to all client products, services or driving forces.

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Graphic design for literary magazine Revy, inspired by 18th and 19th century book design. Parts of the magazine’s design vary from issue to issue, with custom fonts handwritten titles and ornamentation based on the theme of the issue.

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