Sustainable development


A pellet stove with natural extraction, clean burning process, prudent use of material and low production cost. Emerging Cooking Solutions was founded with the vision that pellets can replace coal for cooking, and that pellets in an efficient stove can be a sustainable alternative. Pellets can be produced locally and cooking can be done indoors without any harmful effects on people or surroundings. In the long run, this may decrease the high number of deaths caused by poor cooking conditions in certain parts of the world.

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Just Arrived

Digital service to help new immigrants quickly find work. Antrop have develo- ped insights, design and graphic design based on the needs of new immigrants and employer demand.

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Mouthpiece for water taps, which atomises the water and reduces flow. The atomisation breaks the water into millions of drops that shoot out in a high-speed fog and increases the area of contact so that every drop is utilised.

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Kraftens Hus

Social innovation designed by, for and with cancer patients. Collective workshops and user-centred design methods have resulted in the translation of needs into a spatial design – the first support centre for cancer patients of its kind.

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