Fashion & accessories

hologram box for showcasing virtual garments

Collection that explores the boundary between virtual and physical clothing. 3D software creates realistic models of the clothes and sells them prior to production in a hologram box, which allows the customer to interact with a full-scale version of the virtual garments.


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Made to Move Design Concept

Patternmaking for sportswear based on 3D draping technology of the body’s movements. The result is a circular garment that uses the thread’s natural diagonal stretch and whose seams avoid areas of friction.

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Moving Matter

Jewellery collection whose main material is shells from shellfish. The material is part of upcycling, the creative recycling of waste products, and is also completely biodegradable.


this is Sweden:
these are our voices

Exhibition, sound project and spoken- word performance with tailored clothing, where fashion becomes a tool for social change and activism against racism. this is Sweden is based on clothing and shines the spotlight on the people who wear them, as well as questions on Swedish identity.

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