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The journey towards Sweden’s most satisfied customers

A collection of digital solutions that include web, apps and other functions that accompanies SJ travellers before, during and after their journey with features like a time app, map and platform location. The digital channels have a clear and uniform design and new symbols have been developed to consistently adapt to new types of devices.


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Dreams – Save to realise

An app that helps consumers save money in a sustainable way, based on behavioural science in order to create favourable attitudes and make saving money a part of our emotional senses. Dreams turns dreams into savings goals and helps the user reach them.

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Doodlespot turns children’s drawings into works of art to be hung on the wall, stored digitally and easily shared with friends and family. The app offers additional editing possibilities with digital design and filters.

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An app aimed at emergency care, whose goal is to streamline and automate healthcare through algorithms that calculate severity and order of priority. The information may be made available for research or future hospital visits.

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