Svenska Fönsterpriset

Architecture with window solutions that build and improve with light. The winner of this category is awarded with a cheque for SEK 50,000. The award is presented in partnership with our main sponsor Svenska Fönster.


Private studio home in Hamra, Gotland that can be changed and adapted with the seasons. The walls are not only boundaries between inside and out, but they also create flexible and functional spaces in the landscape, which communicate with the exteriors. In the winter, only a part of the house is heated and in the summer, the entire property serves as home, including the roof.


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Sommarhus T

Summerhouse in which the use of large and small windows with iron oxide-free glass and views throughout enhances contact with the outdoor surroundings.

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Villa Idun-Lee

A house whose architecture aims to highlight everyday activities and family interaction. Wood and a central brick volume have different functions throughout depending on location in the house. Skylights and openings in the brick wall let in natural light at different times during the day.

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