Sofas designed in connection with a new housing development in the Stockholm suburb of Jakobsberg, where the client uses design and art to fill the place with life, long before the homes are built. The curved metal mesh resembles fluffy cushions and aims to give the feeling of a living room in the park. The sofa interacts with the environment over time, as grass and plants are expected to grow through the mesh and symbolise an organic symbiosis between land and human.


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Collection of tables and chairs, inspired by traditional Nordic architecture that has had to adapt to small means and harsh environments. The material is local and durable, each part has its specific function and is adapted to how the wood behaves.

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Character Collection

Armchair whose design is based on textile ribbons, a material that is usually concealed in upholstered furniture. Front have experimented with classic weaving techniques with exposed ribbons, in combination with leather and a light metal body.

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A chair whose design has evolved during the course of a research and development project. The chair is designed through the formation of thin layers of flax fibres on top of each other – a strong shell around a nucleus of air. The result is featherweight, durable and 100% biological.

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