Architecture – Concept


Proposal for a building for the Norsk Skogsfinsk Museum. Traditional elements have been interpreted and transformed into a contemporary architecture and a place that brings together culture and research. Forest, fire and smoke are ever present in the form of a coarse facade of pine, soot and burnt walls, and an opening between the buildings reminiscent of a forest clearing.


Work team

Deus ex machina

Proposal for a new hall for smaller, unconventional exhibitions at ArkDes. Its circular design is a result of the site’s limitations, and important lines of sight and movement patterns have been considered with the goal to create a fascinating exhibition hall.

Work team

Sheaf Shack

Birdwatching tower built of cut straw and oats. Competition proposal for the Toronto Winter Stations 2016 to convert a lifeguard stand into a tower with views and wind shelter during winter. The temporary building also serves to feed the birds.

Work team