Industrial- & product design B2C


An off-road motorcycle powered by electricity instead of petrol, reducing both emissions and noise, with a chassis of aluminium and carbon fibre in a total weight of less than 70 kg. The ease of driving and maintenance makes the experience accessible to everyone, regardless of skills.


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multimedia synthesizer and sequencer

Ultra portable synthesizer, composer and sequencer for music, video and light shows. Durable material, pocket-sized design and replaceable battery make a product with maximum life and user-friendliness.

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A fire extinguisher designed to always be within reach to prevent dangerous spread of fire. Firemill runs on CO2 cartridges, a unique extinguishing agent that is harmless in itself. The shell is made of matte lacquered aluminium with details in polyethylene and leather.

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Iris Collection

Collection of handmade vases, pen- holders and cups in coloured porcelain. The design was inspired by folded paper, and porcelain as choice of material makes a durable product that retains the delicate feeling of the paper prototypes.

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