Service design 


Educational app about the body and emotions, specially developed for years 7-9 of the special needs school. The tool is developed in close collaboration with the target group, and the content is also accessible to those unable to read and write. The app is aimed at everyone in that age bracket and is currently used in the majority of Swedish schools.


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Digital matchmaking service that connects new and established Swedes from the same industry. The purpose of the connection is to make it easier for new Swedes to enter the job market and find work that suits their education and experience.

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Development of the accessibility to care for young people with mental ill- health commissioned by Första linjen unga Karlstadsområdet. The process was made through design methodology where young people participated in mapping out and prioritising needs.

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Stockby Returpark

Service design process that has developed a new recycling centre, which encourages sustainable choices. Focus is on high client value and the importance of encouraging private individuals to increase their reuse and recycling.

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