Light & lighting: Design


Lighting as part of roundabout installations in Järfälla; illuminated gold capsules in perforated aluminium. The lights are intended to enhance the playful effect of the various proportions of the installation, and add beauty to the traffic environment, while welcoming residents and passers-by.


Work team


Lighting concept for game developer DICE’s new 15,000 square metre studio. Specially designed fixtures and a hexagonal grid create flexibility and can be controlled according to the needs of the various staff groups. The light has different characters for social spaces and workspaces.

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Light installation six metres above the floor at the 2017 IKEA Festival in Milan. The light recreates the light spectrum of 24 hours and reminds us of the presence of the elements through billowing waves of warm and cold light. The 60 panels are controlled by a specially made software.

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Uppsala universitetshus
tillgänglig entré med ljusdusch

Light installation in the renovated main entrance of the University Main Building in Uppsala, with the aim to complement the signage system and to overly clarify the way to the lift via a shower of warm light.

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