The winner of this category is awarded with a cheque for SEK 10,000. The award is presented in partnership with Svenskt Aluminium.

Humanistiska Teatern
– aluminium facade as public art

A building for humanities at Uppsala University whose facade is a host for public art. Perforated aluminium cassettes are used as facade screens, which are illuminated from inside at night and allow light to filter through in certain places during the day. The facade has then been given a graphic motif.


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Hexagonal Home

Proposal for a temporary housing solu- tion in hexagonal shape, made of 100% recycled aluminium, designed to meet the needs of a refugee camp. The designcreates a flexible and modular construction solution, which is adaptable according to temporarily growing groups.

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A fire extinguisher designed to always be within reach to prevent dangerous spread of fire. Firemill runs on CO2 cartridges, a unique extinguishing agent that is harmless in itself. The shell is made of matte lacquered aluminium with details in polyethylene and leather.

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A sofa with reversible backrest and flexible seat direction, inspired by old train cars. Wooden beams make up the seat and backrest, with ergonomics and angles for drainage carefully considered. Sides of recycled aluminium, with a design that highlights the rotational movement of the backrest.

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